Adventure Island

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Now you can play this classic Nintendo NES game on your computer too!

Adventure Island is a fun game designed by Hudson Soft for the NES and Game Boy game consoles, but gradually new versions and adaptations to it to other platforms have been launched, and so you can now find this version of Adventure Island for the computer.

After downloading and installing Adventure Island in your computer, you must assume the role of Higgins, a cute little character willing to explore different worlds just to rescue his girlfriend, Tina. Just by starting your adventure in this fun horizontal scrolling platform game, you will notice that your character carries no weapon, so you must dodge each adversary or enemy that is on its way. Gradually, you will find eggs and hidden objects that you can use, such as new weapons, a small dinosaur that lets you ride on its back or game points.

The game is divided into eight different areas, divided into rounds, in which at the end of each you'll fight a boss. With its colourful and retro graphics typical of 8-bit games consoles, Adventure Island will take you to explore the world of Higgins, and also secret areas you will find only if you are attentive to each scenario are hidden.

The game's difficulty is that you must achieve your goal in a limited time. Fortunately, throughout the game you will find various fruit that will give you extra time on your clock. Will Higgins rescue his girlfriend before it's too late? It's all up to you. What are you waiting for to download Adventure Island?

NOTE: This version of Adventure Island has its own emulator for the PC. To enter your choices just you have to press the Esc key to display it and to configure the game to your liking.


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